WHEN? From May 28 till June 9

WHERE? Liepaja, Karosta

WHY? To commemorate 100 year anniversary of Latvian Independence War and the heroes who fought for our freedom


From May 28 till June 9 International Art Festival in Redan

June 7-9 Photo workshop “Karosta – foto osta”


June 9 Festive event in Redan

13.00 Opening of Memorial stone to heroes of Latvian Independence War

13.30 Introduction with artists, honoring of of artists and photographers

14.00 Visit to fortifications of Redan, presentation of artworks, presentation by Latvian National Guard

Jazz band “Magone”, post-folk music group „Saule i tuvak“, buffet.

15.00 Hiking the new Freedom Trail with guide and adventures (10 km).


July 18 Opening of open-air large photo exhibition in Karosta Prisons’ yard


The Karosta Art Festival

The Karosta Art Festival will take place from May 28 till June 9 in Redan. Artists will create large murals, 3D installations, performances. Works of art will be dedicated to Latvian Independence War and the battle that was fought in Redan 100 years ago.


Luis F. Guevara (Venezuela), muralist: „My works are my distorted world view, made colorful to contrast with the theme“,

Ieva Gallagher (UK), painter,

Clara Cabrera (Spain), painter: „I have a fascination with faces, „to be“ and „to seem“ becomes a constant dialogue present in contemporary portraits. A portrait tries to name with paint not only a subject but an identity. How to express the complexities of an identity through something as liquid and abstract as paint is a constant challenge.“ www.claracabrera.com

Bartosz Janczak (UK), 3D installations: „I’m a sculptor.  My art is inspired by Military Defense Structures, Brutalism Architecture and Eastern Block Monuments.  I think it would be a perfect fit, because my art is focused on fight.. but not in the casual sense. As Picasso said, that „Art is a weapon of choice“, so is my art fighting with the idea of killing. My sculptures are at war for the peace, through art.“

Predrag Radonavovic (Serbia), painter, muralist,

Luanna Li (China): „I am a film maker, muralist and the Founder of Artrvl.com – Artist in residence for any art lovers. My art works always reflects the local culture and events to celebrate the diversity of the planet earth and delivers positive message and valuable stories to travelers and locals alike. My creation in Karosta will be the portraits of Latvian soldiers, to glorify what they have done to the independence of the country and they will be memorized as heroes forever.“

Pemapsorn Kritsadacharoenpong (Thailand), painter: „Wings of the world“ The symbolic of independence and freedom to remind people that „Until you spread your wings, you’ll have no idea how far you can fly“,

Robin Abramovic (Austria), Urban Artist and Curator from Vienna/Austria who lives and works in London/UK. Specialized in different kinds of street art and founder of the Bambsy Project.

Veronica Glass (France), Visual Plastic Scientific Artist, Contemporary Author, veronicaindream.com

Agnese Rudzīte (Liepāja, Latvija), Master of arts, working in tactile and zero waste art, using textiles, plastic products, industrial materials and household remnants.

Jānis Rudzītis (Liepāja, Latvija), Teacher of technology at Liepaja secondary school No.8. ”Teacher of the Year – 2008, 2013, 2015”. Loves homeland, animals and fellow human beings. Favorite color – all dark tones. It is believed that life is determined by the right attitude and by the faithful belief that the world is dear. Always is opened to new ideas and positive people. http://janisrudzitis80.wix.com/rudzic1980

Ramunas Vaicekauskas (Lithuania): „Sipirits of our ancestors will fight alongside us until the last spark of hope fades away“.

Egons Perševics (Liepaja, Latvia), a sculptor who actively exhibits in Latvia and abroad, especially in Lithuania; last year he participated in the spectacular art fair Art Vilnius’18 as an invited artist. His sculptures are currently displayed in a traveling exhibition, where the Lithuanian Artists‘ Union invited the sculptor to participate. In Latvia, last most remarkable art project of the sculptor is the ghost horse statue in the Mark Rothko Art Center in Daugavpils.

Muriel Rebora (Argentina) is a digital nomad and an artist. During Karosta Festival she will create a song about Freedom in cooperation with the visitors of the festival and social media users. Muriel wrote her first song about Freedom when she was 6 years old.  www.sininvierno.com www.murielrebora.com


Photo workshop “Karosta – foto osta”

Photo workshop “Karosta – foto osta” (Naval port – photo port) takes place in Karosta since 2011. Each year participants have a new task and therefore the works created are completely different.
This year a photo collection “Defenders portrait” will be created. It will be both a social and a patriotic project, which will let us look at 100-year-old events from a different perspective.
The three day photo workshop will take place on June 7-9 in Karosta Visitor center and will have participants from Liepaja, Latvia and abroad.


Freedom fights

At the end of First World War, Latvians saw an opportunity to establish their own independent country. Republic of Latvia was pronounced 18th of November 1918. In territory of Latvia there were still armed forces of several foreign countries. They represented they own interests antagonistic toward Latvia. They wanted to see Latvia in subordination from Russians or Germans. Eastern part of Latvia was occupied by army from Soviet Russia, also called Bolshevik army. Some Latvian rifleman also served this army.

On the western side of Latvia was located army of German Empire. (German Empire lost WWI and formally did not exist), but German landlords and western countries wish to use them in their advantage. Army commander was Pavel Bermont-Avalov.

To stop these enemies, in short time were organized loyal to Latvia armed froces.

In November 1919 army of Pavel Bermont went for Riga where Latvia new government was situated. 11th of November during fierce fights they were cleared from Riga. Today in Latvia it is celebrated as day of Lacplesis.

The most intense fight was on November 14th. Redan and other parts of Forts were occupied by Bermont army. Courage and heroism of Latvian soldiers took them into brave counter attack. First lieutenant Roberts Radzins was their commanding officer. Inspite number and armor disadvantage to Bermonts army, they were put out of Redan and over lake Tosmare. Bermonts army left their cannons and armory on the battlefield. R. Radzins died from battle injuries and was awarded order of Lacplesis post mortal.

These were the key battles to establish freedom in Latvia. Bermont army was put out of country completely. As a result of there battles, Bermonts army receded back through Grobina in Priekule direction. 23rd of November they were back to Skuodas in Lietuva. During these fights Latvian army lost 4 officers, about 100 instructors and soldiers. 3 officers and around 120 soldiers were taken as prisoners. Captured material – 10 machine-guns, 9 automatic rifles, 150 rifles, around 50 prisoners, 4 officers between them. Heroic freedom fighters were awarded War Order of Lacplesis. Surrounding street today is called Avenue of 14 November.


The project is co-financed by Liepaja City Council.