when masks fall

WHEN? June 6-12

WHERE? Karosta, Liepaja, Latvia

The Festival will start with an artist workshop on June 6. Artworks will be created in Karosta Prison, Karosta Water tower, the abandoned ammunition storage facility, Redan and Karosta urban environment.

Artists Miķelis Fišers, Veronika Frolova and sculptor Egons Peršēvics will work in Karosta Water tower.

Aija Vīdnere will create installations and Clara Cabrera (Spain) will paint portraits on prison cell walls in Karosta Prison.

Large-scale mural at Atmodas bulvāris 21 will be created by Element-ton.

A multi-disciplinary artwork and performance in the abandoned underground ammunition storage facility will be created by Ritvars Embrekts.

Artists from Spain will paint murals and Kirils Panteļejevs will create installations in Redan.

There will be a public discussion “Karosta’s role in Liepāja, Latvia, the World”, vintage vehicle parade, retro party, concerts, performances and activities for children throughout the Festival.


June 10

At 15.00 opening and presentation of artworks in Karosta Watertower, Atmodas bulvāris 21 and the ammunition storage facility.

June 11

At 11.00 a public discussion “Karosta’s role in Liepāja, Latvia, the World”, presentation of artworks, vintage fair, buffet.

At 14.00-16.00 display of vintage vehicles near the sea at the end of Katedrāles street.

At 16.00 vintage vehicle parade in Karosta

At 19.30 vintage vehicle awarding

At 20.00 retro style party in the back yard of Karosta Prison.

June 12

Presentation of artworks, concert, performances, activities for children in Redan.



Egons Perševics (Liepaja, Latvia)

“If it is a good story, you can tell it beautifully, and that is my mission as an artist – enhance the beauty in the world!”


Kirils Panteļejevs

Associate Professor, Workshop Leader. I myself am a sculptor with a deep desire to seek new means of expression. Art for me is an opportunity to talk about life processes that interest me, moving away from stereotypical reactions, aggression and fashion trends.


Veronika Frolova

Veronika Frolova (born 1988) graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia in 2016 with a Master´s Degree in Printmaking/Graphics. During her studies she acquired many academic skills, such as painting, drawing and composition. But the one she treasures the most is certain, sarcastic way of thinking and reflecting on surrounding reality, that allows her to deliver semi-conceptualistic works that require usage of unconventional techniques.


Miķelis Fišers

Latvian artist and set designer. Works in various techniques: painting, graphics and installation techniques. He is considered to be one of the brightest and most extraordinary personalities in contemporary Latvian art, and his works are called scandalous and provocative.


Juan Castillo, JUANFREE. “I am from Málaga, Spain. I started to painting at 11 years old, when I discovered graffiti world. I am a painter, illustrator and tattoo artist. About my artwork, it is based on the distortion of the self-image caused by anxiety and mental illness. It is a defragmented selfie on the mirror. Loneliness and misunderstanding as the main topic.”


Sergare – an artistic group from Burgos, Spain. “We are two brothers, Sera and Gare. We start to paint street art more than 10 years ago nad we decide to work toguether and create the group Sergare 8 years ago in 2014. We have painted in diferent countries, the last one was Taiwan where we spend 9 months developing different artistic projects.

For Karosta Festival we decide to paint this mural of a young girl (Cristina), its a picture from a Burgos photographer called Andrea Keynox. We want to remind the people, in this difficult days that we are living, how pure we all are when we are young, we want the people that look at the mural to feel confortable throught the eyes of Cristina. The background, with a gold tone, its to represent the value of that purity.”


Luis F. Guevara (Venezuela)

It will be second time when Luis is taking part in Karosta Festival. He will paint portraits of visitors in Karosta Prisons cell.


Clara Cabrera (Spain)

Spanish artist who lives in Liepaja. Clara will take part in Karosta Festival already 3rd time. She will paint portraits in Karosta Prison and in Redan.


Kim Schmitz Coll (Spain)

Kim will make an installation from logs in Redan.


Aija Vīdnere (Liepaja, Latvia)

Aija will make an installation in Karosta Prison cell.